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Project Manager

Bangkok, Thailand

Job Type

Full Time

About the Role

  • You'll be the primary source-of-truth for everything related to your project within the organization.

  • You will be responsible for defining project objectives, project scope, roles & responsibilities for each stakeholder and team members.

  • You will be managing resource availability for each project you oversee, both with internal teams and clients.

  • As a project manager, you will create a budgeting plan based on requirements and project tasks. You will also have to track costs and ensure to deliver the project on budget.

  • You will prepare a detailed project planning documentation of your assigned project, outlining important project milestones, process workflow, and other important project related activities. Including adjustments to any details during the project.

  • You will be responsible for managing the delivery of your assigned project according to your project planning documentation.

  • You will be holding regular project updates meeting with both internal and external stakeholders.

  • You will be proactively identifying and mitigating potential risks or any risk that arises during or before the project initiation.

  • You will also work closely with the account manager in managing client relationships and communication to ensure the project is delivered on time with great satisfaction.


About the Company

H Lab is a healthcare SaaS initiative looking for a bright minds to help us design and deliver innovative health-tech solutions for our clients, some of Thailand’s leading figures in the healthcare industry. You’ll be joining a team of young, driven and ambitious entrepreneurs who are passionate about revolutionising healthcare services, and the impact they could create by solving some of the industry’s biggest pain points.
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  • Proven experience in project management experience.

  • Experience in working with and managing B2B and/or B2C products.

  • Great communication and interpersonal skills.

  • Proven ability to work under high pressure environment and high expectations from key stakeholders of the project.

  • Experience in managing software projects and understanding high level technical requirements.

  • Experience in different project management methodologies (e.g. agile, waterfall).

  • Past experience in negotiation and client relationship management.

  • Ability to think both in terms of high level strategy, business acumen, keenness and quick response to deal with daily business situations

  • Excellent command of English and Thai (both Fluent).

  • Ability to work in an international, fast paced environment.

  • Open to learn new tools or skill sets.

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