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Software Engineer Manager

Bangkok, Thailand

Job Type

Full Time

About the Role

  • Make your team happy and successful.

  • Lead in squad's ceremonies like sprint planning, sprint review and sprint retrospective. Meanwhile, let team member practice in leading some ceremonies to encourage leadership skill.

  • Improve squad processes to make your team more effective and drive high quality software.

  • Assist product owner to keep backlog groomed.

  • Hold regular 1:1's with all members of your team.

  • Draft quarterly OKRs.

  • Conduct code reviews regularly to keep track of code quality.

  • Monitor team productivity and work with team to get reasonable productivity.

  • Working with Sr. Software Engineer or Principal Engineer and Product Owner to drive better software architecture design and reduce technical debt.

  • Get involved in solving bugs and delivering small features

  • Foster technical decision making on the team, and make final decisions when necessary.

  • Participate in the Incident Management On-Call Rotation to help ensure the availability goals are met, by working with reliability engineers and development team members.


About the Company

H Lab is a healthcare SaaS initiative looking for a bright minds to help us design and deliver innovative health-tech solutions for our clients, some of Thailand’s leading figures in the healthcare industry. You’ll be joining a team of young, driven and ambitious entrepreneurs who are passionate about revolutionising healthcare services, and the impact they could create by solving some of the industry’s biggest pain points.
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  • At least 5+ years of experience in software development with a minimum of 2+ years in the management role.

  • Excellent knowledge of software and application design and architecture.

  • Experience developing IT and cloud infrastructure in large-scale projects.

  • Experience in agile software development and cross-functional team environments.

  • Familiarity with Jira or other project management tools.

  • Passion for cutting-edge technology.

  • Sense of ownership in individual performance and its impact on the company’s success.

  • English proficiency is a plus but not required.

Technology Stacks:

  • TypeScript

  • (optional) GoLang

  • Angular or NextJS

  • Nx

  • Sentry

  • NestJS

  • k6 & xk6

  • Github Actions

  • OpenTelemetry

  • Azure SQL

  • Redis

  • Azure Cloud

  • Github Actions, ArgoCD

  • Terraform

  • Kubernetes, Linkerd, Kustomize, Helm

  • Elastic stack, Promotheus, Grafana

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